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At just 14-years-old, I dared to venture outside my small New Hampshire suburb to historic Rome.  Things that had once been confined to my imagination—clanging swords, roaring lions and thunderous crowds—were now being whispered to me through the crumbling ruins of the Coliseum and archaic remnants of lives once lived.  It was a small taste of the wonders this world has to offer, and where I found my true calling: travel.

In the forthcoming years, I endeavored to visit Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Greece and France, refocusing my studies to include Hospitality, which included an emphasis of the tourism industry.  I moved to Los Angeles after spending ten years working extensively in the hospitality and customer service industries, joining TravelStore shortly thereafter.  Currently, I am a Certified Signature Agent and Honeymoon/Destination Wedding Specialist.  My focus is on experiential travel, romance travel and adventure travel with regional specializations in the South Pacific, Europe and the Central and South America.

More recently, I have visited the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Switzerland, England, Scotland and Fiji. At TravelStore, I feel confident I’ve found my purpose in helping others see the world through a new lens; to explore other cultures, new flavors—a new way of being.  The world is an ever-changing landscape.  In order to understand and adapt, we must expose ourselves to different walks of life.  Travel is a provisional education with the power to illuminate all the different things we observe.

I love to learn about my clients—what their passions are, what their goals are as world travelers.  Let me serve as your guide and together, we can plan your perfect trip. 

My Travel Experiences

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